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Buying a Home

Want to buy a house but not sure where to start?  Visit this page to learn how to find the home of your dreams, when to talk to the mortgage company, the advantages of using a Real Estate Agent, how much cash you'll need, how to estimate your closing costs, things to watch out for when buying a home and much more...
Search Arizona MLS Now you can search the same database that local Real Estate Agents use!  It's easy and it's FREE!

Homebuyer's Wish List

Having trouble finding your dream home?  Fill out this short form for no obligation help in buying your perfect home (in Arizona only please)!

Selling Your Home

Time to sell?  How much is your house worth?  How do you qualify for a new loan before you pay off the mortgage on your existing home?  Do you really need a Real Estate Agent?  When to put your house on the market and more...

Seller's Property Evaluation

Selling your home and not sure how much to ask?  Fill out this short form for no obligation help with pricing your home (in Arizona only please)!

Mortgage Information

Confused about how to choose a mortgage company?  What questions should you ask your Loan Officer?  Should you get your own financing or go through the Builder?  Different types of loans, terms to know, things to watch out for and much more...

Mortgage Calculator

How much house can you afford?   Find out what your payment will be.  Don't forget taxes and insurance...

Useful Phone #s and Links

Find information on utility companies, post offices, Department of Motor Vehicles and other helpful Arizona & Maricopa County links...
...or learn all about your city...information on schools, libraries, police & fire, government offices and more...

Mortgage Information 

       Mortgage Calculator

No obligation help finding and buying your dream home


For answers to all of your home buying and selling questions, call:

Click here for help with all of your home buying and selling needs!

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Below market value & sweat equity properties
Experience purchasing at foreclosure auctions

Selling a home?  Be sure to visit 'Selling Your Home' and fill out our 'Property Evaluation Form' for help determining the proper price.


Buying a home?  Be sure to visit 'Buying a Home' and fill out our 'Homebuyer's Wish List' for help determining the proper price.

Remember to protect your investment.  Call for an inspection today!

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Don't just take our word for it...see with your own eyes why you need a home inspection!  Visit Common Defects and the Homer Page because a picture is worth 1,000 words!

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